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Industrial Property Field Services are: Trademarks of goods and services: individually mark, collective mark, certification mark; National Registration and Renewal of Trademarks, in Romania; International Registered Trademarks (Madrid Agreement, Madrid Protocol, Communitary TradeMark(CTM)); Geographical Indications: registration, reneval a.s.o. Patents: (electro, mechanical, electronichal, chemichal, computing, bio, etc. Plant Varieties and Animal Breeds), Registration of Inventions in Romania a patent application for romanians and also foreigners, Beginning of the national phase in Romania of international patent application ( EP or PCT);  International application PCT; Industrial Designs and Models: Registration national and international, Reneval

     For all of these we made the following:

vDocumentary search  on objects of the industrial property and specialized technical informing, also on Internet and consulting regarding proper use of the information obtained  a.s.o.

vAdvise, preparation, classification,  computerized elaboration of the whole documentation, translations, answers to the official letters or other correspondence with third party a.s.o.

vSpecialized assistance and Representation by Power of Attorney in Romania, representing the Romanian or foreign natural persons and legal entities in the procedures before the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks and before third parties, in the  filing and prosecution of applications( examination, opposition, publication, appeal a.s.o.);

vConciliation, negociation between different sides (firms) for peaceful solving of eventual litigations, obtaining of a concord.

vAdministration of industrial property portofolios, payment of maintenace  in force / renewal fees, survey.


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